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Love Ventura is here to inspire the community to love each other through connecting, giving and serving. With collaboration at our core, we aim to serve a variety of people, demographics and needs throughout Ventura.

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Annual Serve Day

Our city comes together every October for a day of service. We just completed our 2nd Annual Love Ventura with 10.05.24 set for next year.

Our Mission

To inspire our community to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving.

Ongoing Opportunities

Get connected with organizations who need your help!


Service Opportunities to best fit you and our city

By partnering and collaborating with existing groups, organizations & individuals, we believe that our community can have a broader reach and impact in our neighborhoods, schools, & businesses.

We believe that every person should have a chance to serve the community. Our serve day on October 7th will have projects that all can participate in - from your little ones to our senior community;  those able-bodied and those needing something lighter and not physically demanding. 


We are connecting you to areas of need in Ventura.

In 2022 we worked to provide a variety of projects that directly served our local non-profit community and those who live and work in Ventura.

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A Christmas Project


Our 2023 Sponsors

Thank You to All Who Sponsored
Love Ventura City Wide Day of Service This Year!

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The love Ventura day had such a good energy. Knowing that I can only do on project at a time, but also knowing that there were multiple others going on at the same time, made you really feel like, Ventura is going to be slightly better by the end of the day. And I played a small role in that. It's awesome! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Jason R. 

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